Transcripts of press conferences with David Culley and Texans Gamers on the Houston Texans Coaching Camp introduced by Xfinity.

How was the time you spent with your teammates this summer?

“It was great, we got together and competed with each other and I think if we did that in the off-season you could see it coming into practice from the off-season so it was very good.”

Having signed so many defensive linemen, how competitive is it to get snaps?

“This is a competitive league so it will help us. It will get the best out of everyone and I think they did a great job with it. A lot of guys come here and compete against each other every day because we know what we are” against each other line up, so I think it’s good for the whole group. “

What do you think you bring to the table as a defensive lineman?

“I’m good at stopping the run. I think this is one of the things I’ve been good at since arriving in the league and with field goal blocking I’m really proud of it. So I think I’m in will be able, “bring that to the team and in any other way that I can, whatever they need of me to help the team, what I can do to help them, I look forward to that. “

How did you find out last year that Texans were interested in you?

“My agent, when I got fired from Buffalo, my agent finally called me. He meant how do you feel about Houston Texans? When he called me, Cleveland was also one of the teams that reached out to me, so Wound to go to Cleveland. But Houston was always a team that cared about me. “

How would you rate your overall defensive performance over the past few weeks?

“We’re a new group so we’re still learning. The coach does a great job keeping it up to what we can do and that way the guys can play faster, he doesn’t put in too much. I think he and the coaching team do a great job with what they do but like i said we are all still learning but we play out there and we compete out there. “

What do you like best about the system – is it the simplicity? What would you say

“The attack. Since I came into the league in 2017 when I was with Miami, it has been a kind of defense, it was an attack defense that allows us to play fast and that’s what I really like about defense.”

What are your expectations towards Green Bay?

“Just go out there and be myself and do what the coaches ask you to do and try not to think too much and go out there and play and execute quickly.”

Have you already organized a defensive line dinner?

“Actually we’re leaving Thursday. We’ll try to leave before we leave for Green Bay, so I’m looking forward to it.”

“Any steakhouse. You have to ask Brandon Dunn.

So he’s the DJ and the organizer?

“Yes, he is the organizer and he has it all.”

What do you think of him as a DJ?

“He’s doing his thing. He’s playing a few things that I like, so he’s doing a great job.”

What was it like living in the same city as your brother?

“It’s good. People keep asking me that. I’m very close to my family after everything we went through with (Hurricane) Katrina that brought us closer. Being here in Houston with him is not like like when I was in Miami and he has to get on a plane to visit me. Now he’s not far. I’m very family oriented so it’s good to be in the same city and state with him. “

Part of your family is still in San Antonio?

“Yes, I have a family in San Antonio and a few in New Orleans.”

Did you hang out with your brother a lot?

“Yeah, he was out here training two days ago. My dad was in town. So I’ve seen everyone like me mention he’s in the same town as me, I probably hang out with him more than I do was. ” been doing lately. “

Can you talk about competitiveness in practice today? It seemed like there was a lot of trash talk going on between offense and defense.

“It’s just like that – it’s every team. I think it’s just guys out here playing against each other. Coach Culley does a great job of making sure he gets that out of both sides of the ball, so it is good for the team. “

Looked like QB Davis Mills had some good practice, what are your impressions of him?

“He’s doing a job. He just has to come here and just keep doing what he does, doing what the coaches tell him and it’ll only help the team.”

You mentioned head coach David Culley a minute ago, what’s your impression of him so far?

“Great guy, like I told some of the guys on the sidelines, the teams I’ve played in the past few years a fight broke out, Coach makes us get on the line and prepare for the run. So to see Coach do that and get the guys under control, I think he’s doing great. “

You’ve been in the league for a while. How would you compare this team’s environment with so many new players, some guys on one-year contracts with the other teams you’ve played for before?

“As you mentioned, a lot of guys are on year-long contracts so they’re hungry. As you mentioned, it’s a new team so the guys come over here and line up and show what they have and I love it.”

You’re talking about boys being hungry. How can you use that as motivation when so many people say I don’t like to say it, worst team in the league this year?

“We as a team just have to stick together. We cannot listen to what they are saying from the outside. You are all reporters, it is your job to invent a story, a team and do what we have to do and do what the coaches ask us to do. “

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