Transcripts of press convention classes with coaches on the Houston Texans Coaching Camp introduced by Xfinity.

Associate Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator Lovie Smith

“Another day, I think you could still say training camp. The guys have come a long way since the first day we were out here figuring out what we wanted to be, how we wanted to play defensive football , and we’ve seen improvement. Some things we’re doing pretty well. Others we need to improve. It’s always good when you get the chance to play the Super Bowl champion for a great rating of exactly where we are but we like some of the things we did. Cant wait to play another game. Prepare for Jacksonville. “

What things would you like the team to get better?

“There is a lot. We can take the ball away better. We had a few other options last week that we left on the field. But it always starts at the front, the run stops. And we are concerned with a patchy defense.” , play hard, get 11 guys on the ball. That’s the first thing we talk about. Once you have good gap control fly to soccer and have 11 guys on the attack point then take takeaways we had a couple of breakouts believe me. We gave up a couple of games last week. Not happy with how we played the third downs. We had some chances that we missed but hope we can take another step this week. “

Do you have a way to see the takeaways in action?

“It’s pretty easy to keep track of the takeaways themselves, but a lot starts beforehand. I’m from a small town in east Texas. You know, simple math that I have a little bit of is that you get more takeaways when you do they try to take the ball away. And what I mean by that is if you have an opportunity when a ball carrier has a ball, you know, we want to see you go after the ball. That’s the first step in taking the soccer ball off That’s what we first record, the number of times we see guys pulling and tugging and hitting football. “

In relation to your son, can you talk about the pride you have as a father and as a coach?

“Well, I’ve always felt this way about coaches’ kids in general. When they get into the job, they’ve seen it all their lives, the good and the bad. So you know what you’re getting and they know what they get into. As a father, it’s just great. I want to be with my family as much as possible and get the chance to work with them. I’m a football coach almost 24/7 and if you have your son in the workforce, you can talk football all year round, every day, every night and that’s expected. That part was a lot of fun. “

He says he never calls you dad on the soccer field?

“You mean Coach Miles (Smith)? Are you calling me (Dad)? I’m a coach (Laughter) We understand our relationship together, but he’ll tell you that I hold him to a certain standard like I hold all other defensive coaches.” “to our employees, the same standard that I keep to myself.”

He says he understands that he can never lose the feeling of getting the job because of his last name and that he has to work to prove that he doesn’t and that he is here on his own. Thoughts about it?

“Well, he’s my son, you can’t escape. So this part is there, and people are going to accept certain things based on that. But when you start talking to him about football, you see his products, those on stand on football. ” Field. I’ve been with a lot of coaching kids. What I’ve found is that people are often against them and they work harder than anyone else. Again, if you know what you’re getting into and you’ve seen it all your life, I think you’re getting the most out of the coaches’ kids. Yes he is my son. I cannot refrain from it. But as I judge him, he’s our linebacker trainer and does a pretty good job. “

I’ve always heard that the ultimate compliment is when a son or daughter follows in a parent’s footsteps. How does that feel?

“I agree 100 percent. And again, you’ve seen the good and the bad all your life. And so that you want to go into the same profession as you, we’re now talking about football, but I think in most professions, Lots of sons follow their fathers because they’ve seen it all their lives and there are some things they like about it. And just like I wanted to be a soccer coach, it was in my blood. I think it can be in your son’s blood too, and I know that is the case with Miles. “

Is there a special moment that you can remember when you were particularly proud of it?

“Well, you know, I’ve had a lot of those moments. We’ve been training together for a while. I can’t remember when we first trained together. I just know that there were a lot of such moments. special victories and things like that. It’s always great to have someone you really love right next to you. “

There was a lot of excitement about the defensive improvements, including the take away option, but what about the improvements in stopping the run?

“That’s where it starts. I know we’re going to be talking about takeaways, but it’s about gap control first, running to soccer. 11 guys in a disciplined way to get the ball. If you do that, then the takeaways will start. ”I think it starts at the beginning. Our line of defense attacked the scrimmage line well. The guys buy in, just trust your teammate. I just have to do my job and have confidence and trust in the guy next to me. Once you get to the heart of this concept, the rest comes. “

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