Underbelly Hospitality is including a burger spot to the Houston Farmers Market

Underbelly hospitality, co-owned by the James Beard Award winning chef Chris Schäferpher, is adding another restaurant to its plans this year. Underbelly burger opens next to Wild Oats at the Houston Farmers Market at 2520 Airline. (The latter is managed by the chef Nick Fine.) Both restaurants are expected to debut this summer.

Underbelly Hospitality has several new facilities in the works. In addition to Wild Oats and Underbelly Burgers, the company is also working on a downtown tavern in the former Coterie spot – a kind of casual version of Georgia James – and a restaurant that focuses on cooking over fire in the Regent Square development in Montrose .

Chris Shepherd visits cattle on one of 44 farms. Photo by Nuray Taylor.

While Underbelly Burger will only have 12 seats, when it’s full, visitors to the farmer’s market can also order from a walk-in window and enjoy their burger feast at one of the outside tables.

As with all Underbelly Hospitality restaurants, which include Georgia James and UB Preserv in Montrose, Underbelly Burger will serve Texas Beef. Together with the long-standing supplier 44 Farms, the burger shop will also source meat from the RC Ranch, which has a butcher shop next door.

Montrose beer bar The Hay Merchant has long been considered to have a first-class burger – the Cease and Desist – so the version of Underbelly Burger simply enhances it double meat, double cheese and lettuce, pickles and tomatoes on a potato bun. While this is the centerpiece of the small menu, diners can have one too Hot dog with Chris Shepherds Bacon sausage (which recently hit the shelves of HEB stores), Chicken sandwiches and limited in time seasonal burgers. Alternatively, customers can get the bacon sausage on a burger.

Of course, fries-free burgers are a culinary crime, so serve underbelly burgers Sidewinder fries, described as “soft in the middle and crispy around the edges”. Guests can triple their fun and add a pastry chef Victoria Dearmonds Milkshakes to their food. There will also be a conservative wine and beer menu for the grown-ups.

Underbelly Burger’s website is still a work in progress, but in the meantime, those curious can catch up on new developments via Instagram.

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