Voice of the Houston Texans Marc Vandermeer shares his ideas on the Texans’ first evening coaching since 2015.

For the first time in six years, Texans practiced at night at the Houston Methodist Training Center. The fans have been entertained and the coaches and players learned more about what they need to work on a week before the season kicks off.

Tyrod Taylor looked sharp and distributed the ball well. Tight ends Jordan Akins and Pharaoh Brown caught TDs and wide receivers Brandin Cooks. Seth Payne told me that it looks like the offensive is shifting to James Camping’s coaching, and sometimes the whole operation clicked.

However, the NFL is about getting better every day, and coach David Culley says there’s a lot of room for improvement.

“I wanted us to be flawless on pre-snap penalties and that didn’t happen tonight,” said Culley. “We had less than we had but one is too many and our goal is not to be that kind of football team and tonight it killed us three times in three trips and we can’t play football like that. That’s how we become don’t play football. “

To your narrator, I was impressed that Taylor and the offense were able to pull themselves out of some tough situations, but Culley wants his team to be solid from the ground up, knowing solid defense, use of field position and a clean game on the offensive is a must if this team is to be productive.

The Saturday night menu called for early goal line work, followed by a semi-simulated game. Everything was controlled, but it was good to see the team doing kickoffs, drives, field goals and more situational work in front of the fans.

The audience enriched the evening with energy. Offensive players had company when they broke out on a couple of well-executed TD passes. The defense also had some celebratory moments, including a selection from Lonnie Johnson.

Having officials in training for the third day in a row has been of great help in backing up what Culley preached about the flawless game possible. “A lot of the penalties that happened today happened in training. When these guys are here today, they have only confirmed what I told them earlier in training.”

Next week it will be officials, television cameras, Texans radio, and a team that has attended consecutive conference championship games in Green Bay. It will be an excellent benchmark for players and coaches who have got to know each other well on and off the field.

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