Week three on the Houston Texans

What is RB Christian McCaffrey’s prognosis?

“Christian has tensed his hamstring. I don’t know yet how hard it is to be honest, but the moment it happened they said he was at stake. I just saw him there and he’s moving around but of course we’ll have to wait for an MRI to see the severity. “

Is it related to last week’s injury?

“No, there were cramps last week.

How do you think you acted offensively in his absence?

“I thought we were struggling a little, we were getting a little confused. We were getting really tired. We played 78 games last week. After that, they had a surge of energy. We threw four verticals, we pushed the ball across the field and then “We have yards from Tommy (Tremble) and Chuba (Hubbard) and these guys. I think Lovie got into people and I think Joe did a good job of adapting. If there is something to take, I think Chuba and Royce (Freeman) would perform and do plays. We got back to playing some of the pieces we wanted to do. “

Was there a shock when you met Christian McCaffrey after RB went out?

“I don’t know if you’re shocked. I don’t even think most of our boys knew what was going on with Christian. We are like that at the moment. Everyone Does Their Job I thought Davis Mills did a really good job. When we didn’t play the man and put pressure on, he found people who were open. That is why he was drawn up high. I thought Phil did a good job when they got away and scored the field goal – scored the touchdown before half time and after they scored that field goal they started putting some pressure on the men again. We just have to trust our guys that they will cover, Rashaan Melvin, Sean Chandler, Donte Jackson with a huge stop in fourth place. These guys all rose in the absence of Jaycee and Juston.

How are Jaycee Horn and Juston Burris?

“Juston pulled a muscle. He was still moving on the sidelines, but I think he knew he was going to be out. I don’t know how long it will take and it sounds like Jaycee broke a few bones in his foot. Again, they have to do a full review, so I don’t know how long that will take or what the prognosis will look like. “

Is it possible that the lack of contact with DB Jaycee Horn is an injury to Lisfranc?

“I don’t know that’s it. I don’t think it is. I wasn’t told that. I don’t know.”

“Sounds like it could be a couple of bones.”

What do you think the schedule could be?

“I have no idea. I honestly have no idea.”

Would you attribute some of these injuries to the quick turnaround?

“I don’t know. I mean, that’s a good question. I think it’s a quick turnaround, but every team does it. We’ve been pretty healthy so far. A lot of other teams got into these games and they were down, folks . When it comes to a broken bone, with no contact, I don’t know if it is, but maybe some of the pulls could be. But it is what it is. We are where we are. We love these guys and us will help them get better. I said to Jaycee in there, you’ll be back. Don’t worry. Jaycee Horn is a special, special, special young man, special soccer player.

How unique is RB Christian McCaffrey on your offensive?

“Well, I mean, Christian can do anything and I think the biggest thing he brings is that they have to account for him every repetition. You can’t just double up DJ, you can’t just double up Robby. You have to account for him. Sam did a great job finding other guys, a lot of unscheduled games that happened to Dan Arnold, hit Tommy Tremble on the right sideline. I thought Sam was playing in real progression today but Christian is amazingly in its ability to win one-on-one, so people have to zone everything and that creates a lot of windows for other people. “

With all the questions about QB Sam Darnold to see what he did tonight when the offensive and defensive were down with the injuries, what does that say about him and what does he mean to you guys?

“I think number 1 is, if you look at what we called the game, it means we trust him. Even on the last ride we throw him four verticals. I keep telling myself: these are professional Football players. They do this all their lives. Let them play. Don’t try to overdrive the game. Let them play, let them play games. I don’t get it and they do a play, and sometimes we do a play. I think one about Sam, he got some moxie. It stuck in the bag. Had called back the long time but found Terrace on the 3rd and 12th, I mean, there were some big changes by Sam. Again he only plays in the system, but me also think he has a guts, but he doesn’t go over the limit. He protects the football and still drives the ball down there, and look at the game that Alex Erickson made. This ball, if he is chosen, if he’s not selected, makes a great one ges game? . So a lot of production from many different places. “

How do you think RB Royce Freeman and RB Chuba Hubbard played for RB Christian McCaffrey from the start, and what could you expect from them?

“Yeah, I think they just have to start with NFL running backs, and Royce has done that before. I told Chuba at halftime, that’s why we drafted you, man. I thought Chuba was great. At the end of half we did “Didn’t give him many chances but I thought he got in at the end and made some important runs, strong defense, credit to the offense, to the narrow ends and to the full-backs. I thought those full-backs hit it, and the minute Royce came in he made that nice run, cutting the ball back in a double game, which is a veterans run. This is the guy who played a lot and saw it. These guys stood up for us. “

After RB Christian McCaffrey was eliminated, QB Sam Darnold was fired three times. How much has the protection collapsed without McCaffrey and how much do you think Darnold took on his shoulders in the second half?

“I don’t think Christian got any of that attributed to it. I think one of them was a deep shot that we wanted to throw and Tommy came back and just had to get on the guy; got thrown back in the quarterback.” . The other was just a nice try. The guy grabbed and knocked him out, and the last one was we got the ball across the field in two minutes. They are good rushers and we knew they would be good rushers. Johnny Miller was beaten up early in the game, injured his shoulder, and did not get out of the game. I think when they got there in the second half the offensive regrouped a bit. As I said, we have practiced a lot and seen many others. That’s what you’d expect in the National Football League. That’s why we have a system and our trainers have adapted. I think the rest of the guys love Christian to have him out there, but they trust everyone else too. I thought they were playing by the system. And I said to our boys: this game is going to w in the last five minutes. I know Coach Culley. I know Lovie Smith. These guys are good coaches and I know these players, they have winners there. So I thought they held out and we only ended up doing a few pieces. “

You said you drafted DB Jaycee Horn in the hope of being able to play more aggressive man-marking. Do you need to change that approach with the backups when it’s not there, or do you feel like they’re prepared enough to play more of that man-to-man-versus-zone coverage?

“Yeah, we trust these guys to play. Rashaan Melvin played the whole game. We stick with what we do, play our system. At the end of the day we play a lot of zone, a lot of people play at the end play against a couple of two-pointers of the day. I thought Phil picked it when he needed to win so we’re going to keep doing these things. Like I said, each of these guys is a real pro. They’re here for a reason The opportunity comes, they get it, and they found a way to capitalize on tonight and hopefully they make it after that little mini goodbye we have. “

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