With Houston hospitals full of COVID sufferers, a person who was shot 6 occasions 10 days in the past continues to be ready for an operation

A hospital in Houston. Brandon Bell / Getty Images

It’s been 10 days since Joel Valdez was shot and killed outside a grocery store in Houston and he still couldn’t get an operation because his hospital was overcrowded with COVID-19 patients.

Valdez was in his car on August 6th when he was shot six times, an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire of a domestic argument. He was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital, where the intensive care unit was 103 percent full Monday morning and 33 percent of the beds were occupied by COVID-19 patients, reports the Washington Post.

Valdez has been shot three times in his left shoulder and needs surgery, but the hospital is so overwhelmed by COVID-19 that he is still waiting. “Everyone is really surprised that a week later I’m still in this bed,” he told Fox 26 over the weekend.

Not only is Ben Taub Hospital full – Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital in Houston is 94 percent full in intensive care, with 54 percent of patients with COVID-19 being hospitalized. In Texas, the seven-day average of new daily hospital admissions on Monday was 11,993.

With hospitals filled with so many COVID-19 patients, the Harris Health System doctors must examine each patient daily to determine who will need surgery the most, spokeswoman Amanda Callaway told the Post. “Due to resource constraints, surgical patients are prioritized based on multiple factors, which unfortunately can delay non-pending surgery,” she added.

With the highly contagious Delta variant spreading across the United States and millions of people still not vaccinated, hospitals in Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and other states are reporting bed shortages. Valdez told Fox 26 it was “a bit frustrating” that he “broke bones and bullets in me,” but doctors don’t see it as urgent to get him into surgery. He advises his Houston roommates “to do your best to keep your health and not get caught in a situation that now brings you to the hospital”.

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